Whats a fairy door ?

A fairy door is a small door only accessible by elves, It affords them the access to our world. Every elf  has his individual door, only uses by himself, Without their door they  can´t find the way to our world.




From where is the idea ?

In Great Britain it is a long tradition to hang up little doors for elves. We took this nice tradition over to Germany and would like to encourage everyone to invite those lovely and helpful fellows to their gardens.




Are the doors weatherproof ?

All doors are – except for you don´t want it to be – covered with a wood preservation, to allow them to stay outdoor for many years.



Which arrangements are possible ?

All colors and materials adapted for the planned location of the door are possible. Special design wishes we would like to have per master copy or photo to assure, that we score your idea exactly. The example shows portrait of  a dog we made for a neighbour . Many of the doors on our site are results of ideas of fairy door fans.


What are the dimensions of the doors ?

The measures are free, In most cases we are using one of the three standard dimensions.



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